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Irrigation for Bamboo and Tropical Plants

Irrigation for bamboo is extremely important especially when planting. It is in fact as important as buying the plants themselves.

Newly purchased plants are leaving an environment that has been automatically watered every day for anything up to two years.

If you plant them in the ground and don’t monitor them each day for approximately 3-6weeks depending on time of year obviously warmer months more water then they are at risk of drying or de-foliating. 90% of the time bamboo will thrive back with a vengeance but the plants may still look sparse for some time and can develop black “stress spots”

Irrigation tap can be “switched off” when bamboo or plants are established and turned on when plants are dry in unusually hot weather.

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Hedging Screening Bamboos

Bamboos are typically grazing plants in their natural environment (animals eat them). Not critical, but every 2 years or so it is good to keep your plants shaped.

For some of the taller bamboos such as slender weavers bamboo or ghost bamboo this requires pole chainsaw on a ladder or just loppers, or the canes can be individually bent down and cut (this way it must be done regularly).

For the smaller bamboos such as Khasia Bamboo or Purple Jade Bamboo these are easy with a hedger or hand shears, these may only require the sides done as they tend to “hang over” A light prune keeps your bamboos looking their best for years to come and can add formality to any garden. Clumping and running bamboo is very well suited to topiary.

Recent Relocation

After 9 years of living at previous show-garden address, the space has been outgrown and new ambitions have arisen. We have re-located 2.5km north to a 10 acre lot, we look forward to ultimately re-foresting/ re-vegetating the whole property. The new address is 1360 Bolong Road, Coolangatta (Shoalhaven), NSW 2535.

The property currently looks like a new garden but as locals will notice the amazing fast growth of the cool climate clumping bamboos used, creating an amazing windbreak, privacy and security and a habitat for local wildlife, bugs, birds and frogs!

Mature palms have been planted as palms are my other passion, palms are slower growing and the small bamboos planted will quickly over grow and shelter the palms.

We do miss the old gardens but look forward to new plantings after gaining expert planting experience from the thousands of successful landscaping jobs completed over the past.

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