Healthy earth fertilizers

Best complete organic fertilizer for bamboo –

Healthy Earth gp-

20kg $55 incl gst
12kg $38.50 incl gst
5kg $16.50 incl gst

Healthy earth fertilizers

Bamboo Barrier

This is a 1.5mm thick hdpe root control barrier. It is thick like cardboard but impossible for any plants roots to pass even the most ferocious running bamboo, fig trees, rubber tree etc.

Much better than using sleepers or other materials as hdpe root barrier does not break down and uses near no space in a confined area.

Ask for price for 50m roll or can be cut by metre off the roll.

450mm $13.20 per metre incl gst
600mm $16.50 per metre incl gst


Bamboo South Coast

Stone and Wood Products


Please call for stock information.


Pots, Firepits, Bowls


Steel fire pit from Java 6mm thick heavy steel (will last a Long time!)

Great for sitting around in winter to stay warm, we have had these Glowing red for long periods with no affect on shape. Also use them in summer, nestled in your garden for cooling reflection pond. Add plants, duckweed or some red fantail goldfish for a great water feature

$660 includes custom stand



Gazebo and Wood

Gazebo Merbau shingle roof and coconut.

Floor 2500mm x 2500mm x 3m tall kit form full floor carving on poles and on fascia boards (authentic) good for Australian weather
$6600 incl gst.

Add $1320 incl gst for delivery and installation on flat ground (within 150km).

Teak door

– $1200 incl gst.


– $1100 incl gst.

Teak seat

– call for pricing.


Pavers and Wall Clad Stone

Greenstone Garden paver                   500-650mm x 100mm thick rough cut

Hand carved lump of stone. Great for garden pathways or stone wall piece. Run water over them on a wall for an amazing water feature.

– $99 ea incl gst or $88 for 10pcs or more



LAVASTONE PAVER / Wall Tile         400mm x 400mm x 20mm natural

Great for wall cladding

– $16.50 incl gstimage

LAVASTONE PAVER Natural       400mm x 400mm x 50mm

Great for pavers, garden steppers, pond Coping

– $22ea incl gst



200mm x 100mm x 25mm natural Lavastone rough chipped lava clad stone (glue onto wall)

– $88 incl gst per m2 (40pcs)image